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XXL AAOmega redshift catalogue

The table contains the redshifts of 3,660 X-ray selected sources in the XXL southern field. The redshifts were obtained with the **2dF** fibre positioner and **AAOmega spectrograph** on the **AAT**. ### The nature of the columns are as follows XXL Name RA Right ascension in decimal degrees (J2000) DEC Declination in decimal degrees (J2000) Redshift Redshift quality flag (see below) Comment: either AGN or Binary ### The redshift flag has 1 or three possible values * 6 - a star * 4 - the redshift is likely to be correct more than 99% of the time * 3 - the redshift is likely to be correct about 95% of the time Other redshift flags (1,2,5) are either not used or not shown.

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Chris Lidman (2015). Dataset: XXL AAOmega redshift catalogue.

Retrieved: 16:24, 06 Dec 2022 (GMT)

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