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This is a database of 467 high-resolution quasar spectra from the data archive of the Ultraviolet and Visual Echelle Spectrograph (UVES) on the European Southern Observatory's 8-metre-diameter Very Large Telescope.


DR1 is documented in the paper:  
Murphy M.T., Kacprzak G.G., Savorgnan G.A.D., Carswell R.F., 2018, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, accepted, arXiv:1810.06136
Please cite the paper if you make use of DR1.


The main repository for this work is the UVES_SQUAD_DR1 GitHub repository. Please see that page for all files except for the spectra themselves.


This gDMCP page hosts the DR1 spectra, including the following:

  • DR1_Final_Spectra.tar.gz:
    Final DR1 spectra of all 467 quasars.
  • Individual final spectra – [DR1 quasar name]_Final_Spectrum.tar.gz:
    The final spectrum of each quasar is available individually as a gzipped tar file containing the FITS spectrum and the UPL file used in UVES_popler to generate it.
  • Individual data reduction files – [DR1 quasar name]_Reduction.tar.gz:
    Reduction scripts and all intermediate and final data reduction products for individual quasars as a gzipped tar file. These are required to recreate the final DR1 spectrum of a quasar using the UPL file. Users can also use the UPL file as a starting point for modifying the final spectrum or improving various aspects of the spectrum.

Data and Resources