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The columns of the table are as follows:

(0) a unique identifier for each entry (ag_id);

(1) the clump name (ag_name);

(2) and (3) the Galactic coordinates of the clumps' ATLASGAL 870um emission peak (ag_long, ag_lat; in degrees);

(4) the ATLASGAL 870um peak flux (ag_flux_peak; in Jy);

(5) the IR-based category assigned to the clump (classification);

(6) the consensus velocity (Vc; in kms-1);

(7) the total number of lines detected toward this clump with II_SNR > 3.0 (NL);

(8) and (9) the measured optical depth (tau) and its uncertainty (dtau);

(10) the flag indicating whether emission was detected (D), 'Y' when the line is well detected (II_SNR > 4.0), 'M' when the detection is marginal (3.0 < II_SNR < 4.0), and 'N' when there is no reliable detection;

(11) the flag indicating the number of Gaussian profiles that were fit (NG), 1 for a single Gaussian profile fit, 2 for the two-component unconstrained Gaussian profile fit, 3 for a fit that includes the hyperfine structure, and -1 when no good fit was determined;

(12) and (13) the derived antenna temperature and its uncertainty from the Gaussian fitting (taster, dtastar; in K);

(14) and (15) the derived velocity and its uncertainty from the Gaussian fitting (Vlsr, dVlsr; in kms-1);

(16) and (17) the derived velocity FWHM and its uncertainty from the Gaussian fitting (fwhm, dfwhm; in kms-1) ;

(18) and (19) the integrated intensity and its uncertainty ((ii, dii; in K kms-1);

(20) the 1 sigma rms noise of the spectrum (signoise in kms-1);

(21) the fit probability (Pfit);

(22) the integrated intensity signal-to-noise ratio (iisnr);

(23) the ratio in the standard deviation in the residual spectrum in the fit range to that determined from a signal-free portion of the spectrum (Rf);

(24) the flag indicating if the profile has a high residual in the fit range, Rf > 1.5 (HR); and

(25) the total number of channels in the residual spectrum that are > 3 sigma after removal of all best-fit profiles (Rs).

Columns 10-25 are repeated for each of the molecules listed in the catalog.

The order is :

HCO+ (columns 10-25), HNC (columns 26-41), N2H+ (columns 42-57), HCN (columns 58-73), H13CO+ (columns 74-89), HN13C (columns 90-105), 13CS (columns 106-121), 13C34S (columns 122-137), HC13CCN ((columns 138-153), HNCO404 (columns 154-169), CH3CN (columns 170-185), HC3N (columns 186-201), HNCO413 (columns 202-217), C2H (columns 218-233), SiO (columns 234-249), H41a (columns 250-265)


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