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Each entry in the catalog has a unique identifier (ag_id) that is listed in column 0 - its format is AGxxxx. There are 4 files per entry, three images and 1 grid of spectra with the filenames of AGxxxx_Aim, AGxxxx_Gim, AGxxxx_Mim.png and AGxxxx_fitresults.jpg respectively.


AGxxxx_Aim.png : ATLASGAL 870um, dust continuum emission in grey-scale

AGxxxx_Gim.png : Spitzer 3-8um three colour image (3.6um in blue, 4.5um in green, and 8.0um in red)

AGxxxx_Mim.png : Spitzer 3-24um three colour image (3.6um in blue, 8.0um in green, and 24um in red).

In all images yellow contours show the 870um dust continuum emission. The red cross marks the peak of the ATLASGAL dust clump toward which the MALT90 spectra were extracted (any other ATLASGAL clumps located nearby are marked as blue crosses; they are listed as separate entries in the MALT90 catalog). The green circle shows the angular resolution of the MALT90 data (38’).

AGxxxx_fitresults.jpg : MALT90 spectra extracted toward the ATLASGAL clump. The panels show the individual spectra (black) overlaid with the best-fit profile (red; which includes any additional baseline component). If emission was detected, the derived parameters from the best-fit Gaussian profile are labelled. The consensus velocity is labelled and shown in all panels as the solid vertical line. Under each panel, the residual spectrum is displayed with labels showing the residual in the complete spectrum (Rs) and the residual in the fit range (Rf).

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