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7th file of 15: N7: (DEC >= 57.6°). The ASP (All-Sky Portable) catalog presents 1,163,237,190 optical objects in 100 files of 9Gb total download size. Fields are RA and Dec J2000 to tenth-of-arcsecond precision, red-blue photometry which yield magnitudes to a hundredth-of-magnitude precision, PSFs and variability indicator, and flags for proper motion, survey epoch, photometry source survey & catalog, and astrometry source survey & catalog. Full details are in the ReadMe.

Additional Information

Field Value
Last updated May 12, 2017
Created May 13, 2017
Format unknown
Size 538.3 MB
License Open Data Commons Attribution License
Calibration Level 3
Id 9f0d0fe5-dee2-4c0d-aab2-642e601d9751
Package Id 5aa7363b-8d44-4df7-89cf-e6cf6516eb35
Revision Id e398a519-b8a7-4470-b078-75c869f6077d
State active