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Inhomogeneous Cosmology in an Anisotropic Universe (INCA)

This dataset contains several simulations of large-scale structure formation using numerical relativity, run with the Einstein Toolkit. The simulations begin from initial conditions drawn from the CMB, and grow over a redshift change of 1100, through to z~0. We sample different domain sizes of 100 Mpc, 500 Mpc, and 1 Gpc on a side (each assuming h=0.704), at resolutions N=64,128,256. For details of the simulation setup and initial conditions, see arXiv:1807.01711. For each simulation, there are a series of HDF5 files containing 3D data for each variable (spatial metric g_ij, extrinsic curvature K_ij, density, Eulerian velocity, lapse function) at a single time. These files are grouped into .tar.gz format, with the range of iterations included and the number of HDF5 files grouped together indicated in each filename. For each simulation we have included a text file which translates the iteration for each HDF5 snapshot into conformal time, FLRW scale factor, and effective FLRW redshift (see arXiv:1807.01711). For each simulation there are also several .tar.gz files containing scalar ascii data for some variables, i.e. maximum, minimum, average, etc., each as a function of time. The HDF5 data can be visualised using csplash-hdf5 (see, the analysis code mescaline (to be made public in the future), or using h5py in Python.

The parameter files (.par) used to run the simulations with the Einstein Toolkit are also included in the dataset, which indicate the parameters set for each thorn used in the simulations

Data and Resources